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school is for pussies.
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This is a Live Journal community brought to you by a group of guys who fucking hate school and want every one to fucking die.

This community is for the sole purpose posting school work like: Bio Labs, English essays, Global history DBQ's, any test/exam/quiz answers and homework and shit.

Please do not join this community so you can post gay shit like online personality quiz results or stupid conversations with your online girlfriend from Canada. If you do, we will delete your post, track you down and lynch you. However, if you have cool porn or ideas on how to fuck shit up like bombs and shit or something really funny and cool, you have our permission to post it. But if we don't like it, it's gone.

We'd really appreciate it if students from ESM and ONLY students from ESM post here. History papers from Canada won't do us anygood.

We will also be taking requests for essays and labs. So if you need one, ask away, biatch.

If you have a really long entry to post, PLEASE use a fucking lj cut. If you don't know how to do that, check out the FAQ's, amateur.

Have fun, fuckers.

Ps. Don't give this shit out to someone who'll rat us out. This is a secret fucking society. If you post here... and you get busted, its your own fucking fault. If i were you, I'd change all my shit so that my name wasn't given out.